Meet me!


My name is Georgina and I live on the east coast of Australia, between Sydney and Newcastle, this is Gods country  (The Central Coast)  we have oceans for surfing and swimming, lakes for sailing and rivers that are just great for kayaking,   hinterland  if you like hiking and horse riding, and the weather is great because it doesn’t snow.                     As you may have gathered I don’t like the cold & I have lived in this area  a long time, and have raised 2 Sons and 1 Daughter.

I do love traveling as most do, and have been away ( or will be) 5 times this year

1. to  China

2. Adelaide Sth Australia for my Company Event,

3.  then to Hawaii Kauai, now that I enjoyed at Go90Grow.

4. Another Company event in Melbourne, Victoria.

5. Back to China in November

I have had many different types of business from retail to financial service and commercial property investment and management.

But the Best business I have is in Net Work Marketing!

So for now that’s  it,                                                                                                                            so come back and read about the adventures of GG.




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