Week 5

I’m late, I’m late for this very important date!

Week 5 here we come,  just when I thought I had it nailed, ( going back into my comfort zone) then we get a few curve balls throw at us!  But I can do it!                                 Changing scrolls is good, I have formed new habits, getting up 1 hour earlier each week day and reading, now I’m ready for it the new Scroll.

No Opinions, I have found a challenge, even when you don’t want to have an opinion one pops up in your head so I need to become a  non judgmental Observer.

Emerson’s essay on Compensation, I discovered that if I listened to it first and then I read along it really helped, so I have done 2 reads with audio and my understanding of it is better. I hope that helps someone!

I’m getting all the other things done, and I am really pleaded with that, I will be going away for 9 day on a Holiday  to China with friends,   I will do my best to complete my daily tasks, I thought If I recorded   my DMP, BPB, GS, and the other thing at least I can listen to it with my headphones on.  Has anyone else had to deal with something like this, I am open to any suggestions?

cheers GG


2 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. Enjoyed your blog & hope you get answers about what to do while you’re traveling. Hugs&Harmony xo🙏❤️🤙🔑👩‍🚒🚒👑


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