Press release

Successful Network Marketer Woman  in Australia.

Ray Martin.                                                                                                                                      Sydney Marriott Hotel on the Harbor, Circular Quay,                                                                    Posted.  Thursday August 15th 2019 at 1.30pm

I’m sitting here at the Marriott Hotel admiring this beautiful view on the Harbor, with   our Local grown  Top Producing  Network Marketer, Georgina Gavin.                    Welcome Georgina!

Hi Ray,  you certainly picked a beautiful spot.                                                                              It certainly is,——– So Georgina for our readers tell us a little about yourself and why you went into NWM?                                                                                                                             Well, I live on the Central Coast here in NSW, I call it Gods country.    I’ve been there 13 years, and I love being close to Sydney and Newcastle but not in Sydney.  I’ve been in NWM for 10years and just love how it can change lives

So Georgina why Network Marketing?      I mean it doesn’t have a great name, some people call it a Pyramid scheme!                                                                                                  But! ——-there are  many are making  a good living from it.

Yes that’s right.                                                                                                                                            The Industry today is Regulated and we take our Integrity very seriously, also we’ve become very Professional in our training and Sales..  This is a peoples business Ray it’s all about people ,         ” Touching Hearts & Changing Lives”

What do you mean by that statement  “Touching Hearts & Changing Lives” ?

Ray people today want more than their parents or grandparents, they don’t want to live with the grind of 9 to_5 every day. their looking for Freedom that means control of their own time, it doesn’t matter if your a Doctor or  Truckee, Dentist, or Cleaner, what ever your education, that doesn’t matter!  Its having control of your own life, being hungry for change and today with the internet I believe NWM has come of age.

So your a top earner with your company ACN,  and being a Top earner do you have  time for yourself ?      I mean there’s  family, friends and stuff that we all want to do, and just life!

Yep,   sure do!   I travel  for my business,                                                                                    But I still like to travel for me, and have been able to catch up with family in Europe, reconnect with friends in the USA , I’ve still got to see all of the UK yet, also  I now travel 1st Class now,  and that’s Very Nice!                                                                                                 I  pay people now to do all those jobs around my home  that’s wonderful.                        Also I spend two  half days a week as a volunteer, (when I’m home) teaching  people life skills from the Bible. I get a lot of joy from that, seeing them make progress,  this is part of my Legacy to help keep it going.                                                                                                                            The beautiful thing is, I get to choose when I work.

I believe you had a big mile stone in your life this year in your business.

Yes I did, firstly I became a 5 figure earner in Feb , then right here in Sydney, I was promoted as an Regional Vice President  on March 23rd, that was the most amazing feeling walking that stage, I was even able to choose my own music at the Event,  but firstly, I want to say you don’t get there if you don’t have a great team behind you.

My staff checked out  ACN  they found out that the Company has  been around 26 years,  promoting just services that people use every day, that’s really a no brainer,  to be paid on services like your Mobile, Electricity, Internet and EFTPOS etc.

It certainly is!

So how would someone start?   So if I wanted to join what would I have to do?

Firstly, the reason most people haven’t heard about ACN is because we don’t advertise it’s through word of mouth, this is the best kept secret in the world.                                                            Just get in touch with me if you like what you’ve heard people!


Any last words Georgina?

Well I would like to share what my mentor Gloria Mayfield Banks would say about NWM .

You got to be Caring, Sharing, Giving and Living, and I love to work with the Daring.  I’m small in statues and heavy in belief, I’m leading by example, so you can depend on me.                That’s what makes you a Powerful Women in NWM.


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