Week 7

Good to be back team,

I’ve been in China on tour ( that’s stinking hard work) the touring I mean.                            I saw some wonderful sights like the Great wall, and climbed half way, that was a feat in itself as the last leg was as steep as climbing a ladder.                                                           And this girl knows to listen to her knee’s.                                                                                        I could fill this Blog with my adventures of Panda’s and the Forbidden City,  that was great, But it was the Promise of doing my Best to get things like my reads and sit done,  Yes, it was a mighty challenge!

I took my GS & MKS books with me, BUT just to cover myself I listened in to U Tube as we traveled on the bus, I recorded my DMP & BPB, Giving & receiving,  Movie trailer , My press Release & seven laws of the mind .    Did I get them done every day,   NO,   did I do my Best,  YES !    The biggest challenge was my   “Sit ”    I really thought I would be able to get it done on the bus as we traveled, thinking they would leave me have a nap.                    NO!  to much noise.

Anyway , I’m back and ready to go & will catch up with week seven.  I so missed my  “Sit” and can’t believe how my mindset is changing.

Peace & Believe.


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