Week 10 All Coming Together!


The last 3 weeks has been a Revelation to me!

Like the white rabbit and Alice, I feel like I am in Wonderland sometimes, such a lot  has happened in my MIND!                                                                                                                     So much has jumped out at me and made me question my thoughts and Feelings, what has come out is how much I had been conditioned to role play , what was expected of me as a child, ——————Not what I wanted,  ——————but what was expected of me!   And I carried it through to adulthood, but always carrying that load that I didn’t want,  Just do what’s expected of you!                                                                                                                              How did I get so far in life thinking my PPN’s we’re one thing!——  them find out that they we’re not?

Well, I am not going to blame anybody for it, my parents came to Australia in the 50’s as Displaced people  ( Ukraine )  and what they instilled in us would have been to survive.

SO in one sense the MKE has set me free, to find me, then to become the new me!

GS “Now my old skin has become as dust, and they know me not, for today I am a new woman with a new life”

Wow ! I never thought for a minute when we started reading this that it would become So Literal for me!    now with Scroll 2 and 3  I can move on with love in my heart and Persist to be the New me!

I feel a bit embarrassed bringing this out, you know my family will never hear this,          But they will say to me                    “You have Changed”      And that will be enough,

I am very Grateful for the MKExperience, even though it has played with my head, each week I don’t think it can surprise me anymore,

But It Does!    I  so look forward to week 11.

I’m very grateful & believe in myself.

Georgina Sultanovsky Gavin



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