Week 11 Totally Committed!

Last week I totally poured out my feelings, not an easy thing to do!

I can’t believe how a great load has been lifted from my shoulders,

I even feel different?                                                                                                                               This has really messed with my head because now there is conflict in my mind with my color of being a white?     Even when I took the color test, I was upset  as all I could remember was what I was expected to do!

Then I thought about why ?  did I go into Network Marketing!                                            The answer was Because I could travel  have fun and make money!

Anyway I will work my way through that one too!

I’m loving the GS not only have we been taught to form habits, but to have Love in our hearts, forgive and now Persist until we succeed!                                                                          I can do that!

Also the mental diet, has anyone gone through the 7 days straight?                      Not me, getting better at it & pulling myself up as soon as a negative thought wants to come on board ( I have 7 second’s LOL ) made it to day 5, then start again,  but I have these stink Options!!!!    Misery guts LOL  that I can be I am forever upsetting my Blue daughter!       and enjoying it!

Well today I made a total commitment and sighed up to go to Kauai in June 2019, No going back now,

I have to succeed!!!!!!




5 thoughts on “Week 11 Totally Committed!

  1. I love your honesty. I can especially relate to the 7-day Mental Diet. Like you, I have had to restart so many times. If I am completely honest with myself I have allowed negative thought to hang around longer than 7 seconds so I can’t BS myself and not start over. I am still completely captured and compelled at the idea of taking up “the most thrillingly interesting hobby that anyone could take up!” My burning desire is to reap that reward!


  2. Personally – I don’t believe that we can go 7 days without falling back. However, I see that the more we restart the diet, the better we become at being the watchman of our thoughts. I’m catching myself, even after the 7 second leeway, and restart. I smile and laugh now, when I catch myself breaking the diet, because I am a better observer of my thoughts than ever before.

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