Week 12 Was a Surprise!


Just when you think that Mark & Davene could Not possibly  throw anything too outstanding or different to us,                                                                                                      They do!                                                                                                                                                    That 50 minutes of reading my sentences and talking to myself in the mirror !                   At first I thought well that’s going to be boring,  but far  from it!

First of all standing at the bathroom mirror looking at myself & saying  my sentence,  all I could do was pick on my feature’s, this is wrong that is wrong————STOP——–You read the Gal in the Glass every night, and you like her  ———why are you doing this?           So changing tactics I started telling myself    ” I love you, and you are a beautiful person”    This changed the whole  feeling for me I started to do the elbow & knee exercises, & the energy was amazing as I repeated my sentence I was up & down made a pot of tea,  went to other mirrors in the house, this just blew me away with the awareness that I had, as my brain filled with ideas of how to get my DMP completed,  the time passed very quickly.                 This was a great experience !

We are always training our brains, building on top of our New Blueprint, our subby is getting an amazing workout.    So to add to my DMP now not only have I got back ground music going , I am taking Marks advice and spraying a diluted form of my favorite essential oil  around me, so there is music for my ears, smell and my Vision board all around, I’m now looking for something to feel Hmmm, Maybe this needs to be a New Dress,    Girls, what do you think?

Putting more shapes around the house, car, wardrobe, fridge, dishwasher, shower, vision board in front of the TV, so who ever want to watch it has to move it. LOL driving everybody crazy!      Loving that,  I’m such a stirrer!    ( LOL  so hard not to have an Option when you enjoy stirring ) But you keep smiling!  Cards every where!                                                                      I have a wonderful Life!

Doing it all with  Feeling   &   Gusto !


4 thoughts on “Week 12 Was a Surprise!

  1. Enjoy your post, get that dress GG. 2 days ago I added more shapes put them in my drawers im always in up the stairs and shapes for down as well and I touch them every time im on the stairs and think about what I want to happen. Keep up your forward motion. Proud of you.

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