Week 15 Life Goes On!

The sadness of loosing your mother is a shake up, no matter how old you are, no one wants their mother to die!                                                                                                              We are all aware that it is going to happen, especially as they get older, ———and even to us,——–No one is going to come out of this world unscaved and we are never ready emotionally.   Family &  friends can be very kind and helpful, and you catch up with siblings which can be great!

My gutsy little Mama was strong,—— so she should have been growing up in war torn Europe, so many like her could not control what was going on around them, but they did make the best of a bad situation.

I am one of seven, two are gone ( life style choices )  five left, 3 came from West Australia, that’s like traveling from N.Y to L.A.  a  long way to come, we all got up at Mama’s funeral  and had a say, because of my MKE,  I listened intently with interest to what they had to say      Brother no. 2  said  She would tell me if I couldn’t do it,  ” don’t come back until it is done, there is not such word as Can’t ”                                                                              Sister no. 3  ” do it well the first time or you will do it again & feel my displeasure ”

Yes, she could be hard at times, but that is the world we live in, we can either prepare our children for life of be to soft with them  and they become emotional cripples,          I’ve seen both!        And I  am very grateful to our Mama  that she did her “Best ” not perfect, but her “Best”

So Grateful for a Life that has never known starvation or extreme poverty,

so Grateful for my siblings,

so Grateful for the MKE as I have been on this journey of discovering myself !

So life goes on, and I will do you proud Mama!                                                                       John 5: 28,29 / Rev:21: 3,4.


4 thoughts on “Week 15 Life Goes On!

  1. A strong, beautiful tribute to the mama who taught you and loved you the very best she knew how to. Thank for intimately and tenderly opening the heart of a deeply difficult life moment, I’m very sorry about the loss of your mama.

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  2. Georgina,
    I love your scripture references. I believe that your mama and mine did their best at raising and loving their children. (I am #6 of 8.) We are all just passing through. Yesterday’s a memory, tomorrow a dream. Today is our present. Cherish it. God bless you and yours.

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