Week 16 Moving Forward

What a hectic 2 weeks, so much to do after the lose of a loved one!                                           But Life goes on and they would not want you to be consumed with grief,                              Last of the family left to go Interstate last Wednesday, so since Thursday I have been doing my BEST to catch up with the webinars, and just caught the Kindness Bug, loving it!

I have listened in to week 17 today, its morning for me.                                                               I am always blown away by what Mark & Davene add each week!!  Just gets better and better & starting to enjoy the fun in what we do.

So my post today is short & sweet like me LOL

Having a cup of tea then start week 17’s Blog.                                                                                             Also, I want to thank you all from the Deepest part of my heart for you Kind word for our lose, God bless you all for your Kindness!


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