Week 17 My MKE Fix.

Staring the Kindness week a few days late,                                                                                but what a week that was, so much happened and the reactions are amazing for simple things like a smile, open a door, putting some ones bin away.  I believe the magic happens inside of us, ( Duh of course it does )  its a Feeling and it crosses the ether and other people feel it too!

I had this experience in the super market, I had a big shop and was starting to unload my groceries, I let a couple people go before me with just a few things, the kindness I showed came back to me with one of these people coming  back unloading my trolley for me! That got the check out fellow to start smiling and the vibes could be felt by all with talking and laughter among those at the counter, after I left the counter to pack my groceries  I observed and noticed as new people started to come through the smiles disappeared & it got very quiet, so the smiles and kindness left with me !

So kindness has made me someone’s sunshine LOL

And the cards this week adding & shuffling I’m getting really good at that, but now if I treat it as a game it becomes Fun.

So loving this MKE it is my fix, I have learnt to form Habits,   with Love in my heart, and I Persist until I succeed ,because I am natures greatest Miracle!

It doesn’t get much better than that Mahola!




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